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About John Guthrie:

Educational Technologist

John GuthrieJohn Guthrie is an early childhood teacher and educational technologist with eight years of teaching experience. He is based in the Detroit and Ann Arbor, MI area, where he has taught preschool, kindergarten, and elementary school students. He is passionate about educational technology, and its potential impact on the overall learning experience of students. Though progress has been made, he believes that there is still room for much improvement: John thinks that the best way to leverage technology in education is to integrate it directly into the schools, rather than just teaching it. Indeed, rather than teaching a computer class, teachers should be teaching classes while using computers. The focus needs to be placed onto how this technology gets into the teacher’s hands, and how they use it: without honing in on this essential step, there is no way of guaranteeing that the technology will be fully optimized.

John discovered his passion for teaching after helping a friend from Church with its preschool section; inspired by the experience, he decided to reorient his career towards education. He enrolled in a Bachelor of Science program in Elementary Education at Eastern Michigan University and graduated Summa Cum Laude, maintaining Dean’s List status every semester. Throughout his B.S., he received three Minors and Endorsements in Early Childhood, Math, and Reading Specialist. His education was financed by the Marine Corps through the G.I. Bill, for which he is very thankful. John is the first in his family to obtain a college degree.

John has developed a growing interest in in educational technology throughout his teaching career, borne from an extant enthusiasm for technology in general. This finally culminated in his enrollment in a Master of Educational Technology at Boise University four years after he graduated from Eastern Michigan University. He completed his Master’s while teaching simultaneously, and learned a great deal about integrating technology into the classroom. He is proficient in a number educational technology tools, including Blackboard, Moodle, Dreamweaver, and Mobile App Development, and he has made several Android apps that facilitate organization and communication between the children’s families and the classroom. Though he knows that much remains to be done in the area of edtech, especially as it relates to early childhood education, John is especially concerned about the inadequate state of computer labs in many elementary schools: these labs are a vital resource for children, and must be properly maintained.

John Guthrie has held a variety of project management roles throughout his teaching career, including school wide project management, outreach programs, and activities for families and parents. He is a strong advocate for increased parental investment in their children’s education, and is constantly working to improve the line of communication between the school and the parents through technology. Ultimately, he hopes to dedicate himself to teaching and spreading the use of educational technology full time.

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