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Where is it you ask? It’s already here. Teachers across the country have pushed to revolutionize the classroom making learning more engaging, teaching students skills in a highly technologically driven society, and using it to do what tech does best – speed things up.

1-to-1 Tablets

More and more schools are integrating tablets in the classroom. Students are assigned a tablet of their own to do work on, complete assignments, and use specialized apps for different areas of study. The use of tablets has opened new doors for collaboration as well as increased overall engagement.

Digital Textbooks

Digital textbooks are hitting the market and making their way into the classroom. These textbooks provide easier accessibility and stop “I left my textbook at home” dead in its tracks. Although there has not been a widespread adoption, more and more schools are using digital textbooks to complete assignments and teach lessons.


There are many different products out there that are making testing, grading, and evaluating authenticity so much easier. Things like online pop quizzes and test that are graded in real time help cut back on hand grading and give teachers more time to plan. Additionally, teachers are using tools to determine if work is plagiarized by having students submit their work to an online platform. The student’s know what percent of the paper is copied directly from other works, so they are able to hold themselves accountable as well.

What to Look For Next

Although the tech revolution is already upon us, there is always more work to be done. It’s one thing to revolutionize how you are doing it, but completely different to scale and quantify it. Like all pedagogy practices, we need to test, retest, and test again. We need to have data to back up what is working, what is not working, and how we can improve or make new products to make teaching with tech even better.

We as teachers also need to remember that the tech is only as good as the one implementing it. It does not matter how great the tech is. If we are not using it effectively, then it is not doing the job and neither are we. We cannot use tech simply just to use it. We need it to be an aid, another tool in our tool belt, and used as a way to solve problems and make learning better. Without it, we will be going nowhere fast.