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Coding is Creative

Learning to code is just as much a creative process as it is a technical skill. Coding websites and programs gives students the opportunity to think outside the box. It is a technical skill that involves higher level problem solving, thinking about how others interact with technology, and gives creative control of a digital product.

Coding is similar to learning a new language

Learning to code is much like learning a new language. Coding requires new vocabulary and ways of thinking. There are rules, shortcuts, and slang that all help you achieve the end product of a site. Additionally, like a new language, it is best to learn early on. Children soak up new information quickly and begin applying it. When they are working with the new information regularly and creating digital projects often, they will carry the skills with them through life.

Demand for Programmers

There is a great demand for programmers in the job market, but a fraction of students are following computer science curriculums. The reason less students are following these paths than what is in demand is due to a lack of understanding. Unless students stumble into programming due to pure curiosity, many schools are not teaching them about coding. Interest can be sparked when students are introduced to the programming world. By bringing coding into the curriculum, we will spark an interest in many future web developers.

Increased Future Salaries

Students who complete computer science degrees and seek out programming jobs receive higher starting and overall salaries than their peers. The demand for jobs is high, so the salary matches that. It also takes a great deal of skill to be a brilliant coder, so those who have worked hard at the web development trade for years will be rewarded.

Economic Impact

If we are successful at giving our students the groundwork for thriving careers in technology we can have a huge impact on the economy and world at large. As stated above, programmers make more money, so they will have more to put into and stimulate the economy. Also, our students will one day become part of creating new technologies, companies, or making the online experience better for everyone that uses it. Our students will become a part of pushing tech beyond it’s current limits. We need to provide them with the tools to explore that potential as soon as possible.